Cosmetic medicine Villa Medica in Mödling

Our doctor Dr. Nowotny is at your disposal for all matters concerning aesthetic medicine. Short waiting times and careful examination are the basis for successful surgery. Contact Villa Medica to make an appointment.

The doctors

Dr. Christine Messeritsch-Fanta

Dr. Christine Messeritsch-Fanta studied medicine in Vienna, was subsequently employed in research at the AKH for 3 years and completed her training as a specialist in dermatology at the Dermatology Department at Hietzing Hospital, where she worked from 1996 to 2014. Since 2011 Dr. Messeritsch-Fanta has been working exclusively in the Villa Medica surgery. She also worked as a consultant doctor at the House of Mercy in the 16th century. Since 2008, until 2016 she was also a consultant at the Rheumazentrum Oberlaa. She runs a dermatological quality circle. Dr. Messeritsch-Fanta is married and has 3 children.

People need two things for their well-being:

A healthy body AND the subjective feeling of an appealing appearance. For us, both areas are closely related, indeed they are to some extent a condition for each other. That is why she has undergone intensive further training in both areas and can now cover both with her expertise. She tries to emphasize the individual beauty and naturalness.

Aesthetic dermatology by Dr. Christine Messeritsch-Fanta

In the field of aesthetic dermatology, the treatment of mimic wrinkles with botulinum toxin and the injection of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid are included. Disturbing vasodilatations and pigment spots can be removed very well with laser, and hair removal with laser epilation is also possible. Spider vein varices can be treated with sclerotherapy or laser. A fruit acid peeling improves pigmentation, acne and skin aging.

Scope of Services

The spectrum ranges from a younger, fresher appearance through mesotherapy and plasma therapy, to smoothing of smaller wrinkles with the well-known Botox (frown lines, forehead, crow's feet), or hyaluronic acid filler (naso-labial lines), to skin tightening with a thread lift (face and décolleté). Injection of the lips is also one of the most popular procedures. The appropriate therapies can be applied to the face, décolleté, hands and problem areas around the buttocks and thighs (cellulite).

Dr. Nowotny will help you

In addition to the purely aesthetic area, we also offers help with excessive scarring (kelloid), swelling (lymphedema), persistent swelling after surgery, premature hair loss (allopecia) and various forms of migraine.