Your midwife Villa Medica in Mödling

We offer you the services of our midwife directly at our company. Miki Thiel is available for mother-child examinations in the 18th to 22nd week of pregnancy. This information is available during the first week of pregnancy and for home visits before and after the birth. Contact us for an appointment with an experienced and reliable midwife in Mödling!

The midwife

Miki Thiel

Miki Thiel received her midwife diploma in 1989 at the Semmelweis Women's Clinic in Vienna. She works in the delivery room of the SFK (Semmelweis Frauen-Klinik), in the birth house Nussdorf, in the labor home Lustenau in Vorarlberg and at the prepartal ward of the SFK. Since August 2011 she is also available for pregnant women in the Villa Medica in Mödling.


Our midwife offers birth-preparing acupuncture in the group every Wednesday at 10:30 am. Please call 0676 921 32 33 to register.


Focus of midwife activities

During a midwife consultation an examination of the pregnancy is carried out by a midwife. The abdominal girth is measured and the weight, height of the uterus, blood pressure and urine are checked. Also the position of the baby can be determined by the so-called "Leopold's handles". The expectant father can also learn this and then try it out again and again at home. If desired, the midwife can also enter the results in your mother-child passport. The midwife consultation also offers you time and space for personal and individual matters, for questions and worries. All questions and concerns are legitimate; they are about your well-being and your health and that of your child.

Home visits are also possible

The midwife consultation can already take place at home before the birth. If you want to give birth on an outpatient basis, the costs for two home visits will be covered by your health insurance company. Our midwife will also be happy to visit you at home after the birth. Acupuncture or laser treatments are also available on request. The cost of a home visit is 50 euros if it is not covered by the health insurance.

Ask your midwife everything you want to know

Your midwife will provide you with valuable information about the course of pregnancy, the birth, the puerperium and breastfeeding. Our midwife Miki Thiel will also be happy to advise you on health-promoting and preventive behaviour (nutrition, sports, birth preparation,...). Ms. Thiel will also be happy to answer your expectations and questions, so that you are well informed. This counselling hour will be entered in your mother-child card.