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Your psychiatrist Villa Medica in Mödling

 Dr. Doina Saffarnia is the specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy at Villa Medica. She is there for you with a lot of experience and a professional approach. Please contact us at Villa Medica in Mödling, Dr. Saffarnia will be happy to take the time for a personal meeting.

The doctor

Dr. Doina Saffarnia

Dr. Doina Saffarnia is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine. Until May 2012 she was a psychiatrist and senior physician at the hospital of the Brothers of Mercy Eisenstadt and worked as a consultant in health facilities in Vienna and Lower Austria. Until the beginning of 2017 she was deputy medical director at BBRZ Vienna. She is currently responsible for outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation at the Outpatient Rehabilitation Centre OptimaMed Wiener Neustadt and is self-employed as an elective physician at Villa Medica. She holds diplomas from the Medical Association for psychosocial medicine, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapeutic medicine.

Focus of treatment

The focus is on burn-out, stress disorders, crisis interventions, psychosomatics (basic care), depression and other affective diseases, personality and behavioral disorders, organic mental disorders (dementia, delire), sleep disorders, disorders caused by alcohol and drug abuse, schizophrenic disorders and psychoses. The methods are both conversation therapy with a focus on behavioral therapy, relaxation exercises, drug attitudes to psychotropic drugs, counselling and short therapy as well as care for relatives and family discussions.

Treatment methods

Dr. Doina Saffarna's goal is to help you to overcome life crises and psychological problems in everyday life. Their methodological orientation is behavioral therapy. Together you will work out possible solutions for your mental problems in one or more therapy hours. The interview method is based on behavioural therapeutic approaches. If necessary, Dr. Doina Saffarnias will also prescribe you psychotropic drugs to optimize your drug use.

Burn-out treatment

Burn out arises from a vicious circle of overwork and overload. In Austria, one in four managers is affected by burn-out at least once in their lives. But nobody is immune! Typical symptoms of this "burn-out" are severe exhaustion after work, constant belittling of the work or of colleagues, conspicuous emotional reactions as well as physical complaints up to inner emptiness and severe depression. An expert is at your side at Villa Medica. Call us and make an appointment with your psychiatrist: Dr. Doina Saffarnia in Mödling.