Aeromedical examination Villa Medica in Mödling


In the surgery of Dr. Ilona Rost and Dr. Catharina Czerny you can have your aeromedical examinations for class 2 carried out by us. At the initial examination, i.e. when applying for your pilot's license, you will need a photo ID.

The doctors

Dr. Catharina Czerny

As a general practitioner, Dr. Catharina Czerny is your aeromedical examiner. She offers Class 2 examinations for private pilots, student pilots and cabin crew, as well as renewal/renewal examinations for Class 1. She is happy to answer your questions and provide you with an aeromedical examination at Villa Medica in Mödling.

Dr. Alexander Fous

Our Austro Control-accredited ophthalmologist Dr. Alexander Fous will be happy to provide you with an ophthalmological report after an eye examination. He also offers appointments for this at short notice.

Dr. Nina Kramer

Dr. Nina Kramer performs aviation medical ENT examinations and is happy to make appointments at short notice for this purpose.

In order to speed up the registration process, please fill out and sign the form below and return it to the Villa Medica reception desk at the time of your appointment.

Registration Form

Required documents for an aeromedical check-up

As part of the check-up with Dr. Czerny, we require various documents from you: the number of hours you have flown, your pilot's license, the last medical fitness certificate and your photo ID. If the diopters of your glasses have changed, please bring your current eyeglass passport to the checkup. If you wear contact lenses, please do not use them on the day of the examination!

When do you need to contact your AME/aviation physician?

In some cases, you are required to contact your physician. If you have doubts about your medical fitness to fly, but also at the beginning of a regular intake of medication (for example, antihypertensive drugs, blood-thinning drugs, antidepressants, tranquilizers, etc.), in case of a surgical or invasive procedure, in case of significant injuries or significant illnesses, if you are on sick leave for more than 21 days, if you are admitted to a hospital (regardless of the length of stay), and if you are prescribed a corrective visual aid for the first time.

Our physicians are your contacts for an aviation medical examination

Our physicians Dr. Ilona Rost, Dr. Catharina Czerny as well as the ophthalmologist Dr. Alexander Fous are at your disposal for an aeromedical examination. The reimbursement of the reports is your own responsibility and is necessary to ensure the safety in aviation! Simply make your appointment by calling our reception at +43 2236 866 066. Villa Medica in Mödling is looking forward to your visit!