Preventive healthcare for companies Villa Medica


Be healthy and stay healthy thanks to professional occupational health care at Villa Medica. Health care is not only a matter for the private sector, occupational health care is also becoming increasingly important. That is why at Villa Medica we are particularly committed to supporting companies of all sizes in workplace health promotion and to provide a healthcare package for your employees according to their requirements.

Purpose of preventive healthcare for companies

What benefits does occupational health care offer for your company?

  A healthy employee is powerful and can mobilize resources at any time
  The healthier an employee, the healthier the company
 Clear signals of appreciation to all employees
  Health as an enterprise value
  Strengthening the corporate culture

The individual pension package for your employees

The precautionary package, which we individually tailor to the needs of your employees, has the following objectives: to detect cancer by early screening methods, to prevent addictions such as addiction to tobacco or alcohol, to recognize and counteract common age diseases such as loss of hearing and loss of vision in time.

What are the advantages of occupational health care ?

As a clearly structured medical competence center, we are able to respond quickly and competently to your very specific needs and requirements as a company. As far as possible, we also offer large health care packages within a day. The "downtime" of your employees for necessary doctor visits is therefore reduced to a minimum.


Due to our opening hours from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, any necessary follow-up examinations can be carried out before or after the core working hours of the employees. The individual employee gets an appointment and depending on the selected system, they have all examinations in one day. All under one roof - this means no waiting times or additional travel time to get to another specialist.


On request, we will gladly prepare a quotation tailored specifically to your company's needs. Of course, we offer this service for larger companies as well as for individuals or small businesses.


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