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Dr. Nina Kramer is our experienced and competent ENT doctor in Mödling. She is happy to answer any questions or problems you may have in the areas of ear, nose or throat. With the help of modern technology and enough time for each patient, she is sure to find the right therapy. Dr. Nina Kramer is also available for acute inquiries. Contact us to make an appointment!



Allergy testing

Dr. Nina Kramer, our ENT specialist, is at your disposal for allergy testing. In addition to testing adults, she pays special attention to testing children. She is also specially equipped for this purpose.

Please do not take any cortisone or antihistamine and do not use any decongestant nasal drops for one week before and until the allergy test.

Dr. Kramer also performs Covid rapid tests as part of her office.

Appointments can be made online or by phone at
+43 2236 866 066.


I currently also offer telemedicine consultations to my patients, a fee note issued for this can also be submitted to your health insurance company for reimbursement. For all acute concerns you are welcome to make an appointment at.
+432236 866 066 in my office at Villa Medica!

The doctor

Dr. Nina Kramer

In addition to her general and specialist training, Dr. Nina Kramer has also completed training as an emergency physician and works as an emergency physician at the Landesklinikum Mödling. A special concern of Dr. Nina Kramer is the treatment of children. As a passionate mom, it is particularly important to her to build up trust with children in a gentle way and to conduct a pleasant ENT examination that is suitable for children. Of course, all patients - whether child or adult - receive individual care from our ENT doctor.

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For which complaints should you see an ENT doctor?

The problems that can occur in the ear, nose and throat area are many. In case of tinnitus, hearing loss, inflammation, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, problems with nasal breathing, allergies, sinus problems, paralysis of the facial nerve or dizziness, an ENT doctor can help you. In addition to diagnostics and therapy using the latest technology, Dr. Nina Kramer attaches particular importance to the time she takes for each individual patient. Individual therapy concepts are created together. As a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine, Dr. Kramer can help you with a variety of complaints.

What therapies and services are offered in our elective doctor's office?

We offer the following services for our patients in Mödling: Ear microscopy, ear pressure measurement (tympanometry), hearing test (audiometry), consultation for tinnitus, consultation for hearing aid fitting, dizziness clarification, endoscopic examinations, diagnosis of swallowing disorders, snoring clarification, mother-child passport examination (7th to 9th month of life), ENT aeromedical examination (only ENT findings!), allergy test (skin test). In addition, we offer you a detailed and personally tailored consultation and therapy. We offer infusion therapies for hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus and facial nerve palsy as well as minor invasive procedures, for example wound care, removal of skin and mucous membrane appendages, sclerotherapy for nosebleeds, abscess treatment and shell caustics for problems with nasal breathing.