Counselling for those wishing to become pregnant


Did you know that every sixth couple needs support in fulfilling their desire to have a child?
Our dedicated doctors will be happy to help you.

The doctors

Dr. Rudolf Rathmanner

Dr. Ilona Rost

Dr. Jana Schneider


Diagnostics and treatment

Starting with the initial consultation, through to diagnostics and therapy, we offer you fertility medicine at the highest level. Ultrasound examinations, blood analyses and semen analyses (spermiograms) are carried out in our clinic. Often, a simple drug support is enough to help you to your child happiness. Through our close cooperation with the Tiny Feet fertility clinics we also have access to the most modern methods of fertility medicine. This means that we can offer everything that is necessary for the preparation of an artificial insemination, starting with the examinations and ending with the prescription and dispensing of all medications.

Free information event

In cooperation with the Tiny Feet fertility clinics, we offer free information evenings at Villa Medica on the topic of fertility: every 1st Tuesday of the month with Dr. Jana Schneider. We kindly ask you to register in advance at +43 2236 866 066 or

Optionally, you can attend a personal and exclusive consultation after the lecture. You can also bring along findings, which Dr. Schneider will be happy to discuss with you.


Please let us know when you register if you would like to take advantage of a consultation.

Current dates (also for the other locations) can be found here.