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In our medical center Dr. Christa Oliveira-Sittenthaler and Dr. Johannes Thomas are at your disposal for the field of internal medicine. Whether diabetic attitude, preventive examinations or diagnosis and therapy of osteoporosis: make an appointment at the Villa Medica to clarify complaints.

The doctors

Dr. Christa Oliveira-Sittenthaler

Our physician for internal medicine and rheumatology was senior physician at the Heart Jesus Hospital from 2009 to 2015 and subsequently chief physician in the Social Ministry Service. Since May 2018 she has been head of PVA's rehabilitation centre in Laab im Walde. As a specialist for the treatment of rheumatic diseases and osteoporosis, Dr. Oliveira-Sittenthaler is your contact if you have any complaints in these areas. The close interdisciplinary cooperation with our orthopaedists, dermatologists and other specialists enables a successful and rapid clarification of your complaints and tailor-made and state-of-the-art therapies are used. With the support of our team of therapists, we can offer you optimal care on the road to recovery.

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Dr. Johannes Thomas

Dr. Johannes Thomas

Dr. Thomas is a general practitioner as well as a specialist in internal medicine and epidemiologist. He has a diploma from the medical association for nutritional medicine. His specialties are the treatment of metabolic diseases, hypertension, dyslipidemia and nutritional medicine.


In addition, preventive examinations for all health insurance companies, OP release examinations and Metabolic Coaching are offered.


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We support you in case of physical complaints

As part of our general internal medicine services, we offer, for example, an internal assessment prior to surgery and a risk evaluation, optimal adjustment for diabetes - i.e. optimization of sugar control, insulin therapy, oral antidiabetic therapy and FIT therapy - as well as a personal, individual analysis of findings and consultation, blood pressure adjustment, medication management, preventive examinations in the area of internal diseases with a special focus on diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis.

Our rheumatological offer

One of the focal points in our office in the field of internal medicine is rheumatological clarification. We perform laboratory analyses, clinical examinations and the interpretation of X-ray findings and other examinations. In addition, we apply different infiltration techniques individually. We are also happy to offer long-term treatment of rheumatological diseases. The therapy is carried out with biologics. We also care for osteoporosis with a careful diagnosis and individual therapy. We work together on an interdisciplinary basis: with dermatologists in the case of patients suffering from collagenosis, and with orthopedists if surgical intervention is necessary.