Orthopaedic competence the highest level at Villa Medica

Dr. Teresa Nowotny (formerly at Gersthof Hospital) and Dr. Johannes Gründler (formerly senior physician at Speising Orthopaedic Hospital) are at your disposal as orthopaedists with many years of hospital experience in our medical centre. Maintaining or restoring your mobility is both a priority, because it involves joie de vivre, well-being and activity. In order to achieve this goal, a wide range of services is offered, starting with the exact diagnosis up to a tailor-made therapy plan. Together with doctors from other disciplines, pain therapy is also offered at the highest level. Children with musculoskeletal disorders are also welcome in the orthopaedic surgery.

The doctors

Dr. Johannes Gründler

Dr. Gründler is head of the teaching practice and holds ÖÄK diplomas in manual medicine (first stage of osteopathy), acupuncture and is an emergency doctor. In Germany, Dr. Gründler is licensed as a specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology (trauma surgery). The highly experienced surgeon and specialist for minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy of the knee joint, shoulder joint, ankle joint and hip joint) and specialist for endoprosthetics of the knee and hip performs his operations in selected private hospitals (Wiener Privatklinik, Rudolfinerhaus) and in the public Franciscan Hospital. He is enthusiastic about the implementation of innovative new surgical methods with scientifically proven sustainable success. Dr. Gründler also uses the most modern non-surgical treatment methods for the treatment of your complaints. As a spine specialist (formerly head of the intervertebral disc ambulance at the hospital of the Merciful Sisters), he brings his expertise to bear in relieving your spinal complaints or relieving you of your spinal pain. OA Dr. Trimarchi, specialist for anaesthesiology and intensive medicine, is a very experienced specialist for pain therapy in the team of Dr. Gründler as a consultant doctor available to get your complaints under control. Dr. Gründler has acquired his paediatric orthopaedic competence as senior physician in the team of the emeritus Primarius Univ. Prof. Dr. Franz Grill in Speising and brings this knowledge to the orthopaedic examination and the baby ultrasound examinations, which are possible in the surgery, on a daily basis. Dr. Gründler is looking forward to your visit.

Dr. Teresa Nowotny

Dr. Teresa Nowotny is both a general practitioner specialising in aesthetic medicine and a specialist in orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery. In the field of surgical orthopaedics she can offer you a wide variety of methods in all areas. As a trained microsurgeon (a technique in plastic surgery in which the tissue is no longer shown with the naked eye but operated on under the microscope), she is able to perform operations particularly gently and precisely. She also performed complex procedures at Gersthof Hospital, specializing in tumor surgery. She brings this knowledge to all standard operations as required. And if the problem of a wound healing disorder occurs after an operation, you are in good hands with her as the trained wound specialist. Both acute and chronically poorly healing or infected wounds can be treated here. In the conservative area, in addition to common treatment methods, very good results can also be achieved with mesotherapy (a complementary medical treatment method which includes elements from acupuncture, neural therapy, homeopathy and teaching about reflex zones). It uses this treatment method in orthopaedics both for pain therapy on the spine and for the treatment of joints with great success, avoiding unpopular cortisone (for example in diabetics). As a specialist in osteoporosis, she takes care of your bones to avoid fractures of the hip or spine.

Focus areas

Dr. Gründler´s surgical specialties are foot, knee and hip surgery, joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery and spinal surgery. His conservative focuses are spine therapy, osteoporosis therapy and physiotherapy. Dr. Nowotny offers pain patients a conservative therapy using a wide range of treatments. From infiltrations, infusions and other modern treatment methods to targeted, precise infiltrations by an anaesthetist or, if necessary, short-term inpatient admission to a private hospital. She also performs operations such as hammer toe surgery, fast finger and carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Trimarchi is a specialist in anaesthesia, intensive medicine and pain therapy at the Otto Wagner Hospital on Baumgartner Höhe. In Villa Medica you will receive epidural infiltration and effective pain therapy for chronic back pain.

Orthopaedic treatment

Orthopaedic treatment includes surgical procedures (such as prosthetic surgery), physiotherapy, orthopaedic pain therapy, physical and medical treatment of arthrosis and orthopaedic technicians and orthopaedic shoe technicians to adapt aids (e.g. insoles for shoes, shoe fittings for existing ready-made shoes, manufacture of special footwear for patients who cannot be made to measure).

Children should see the orthopaedist at a young age alread

An important field of work is orthopaedics in childhood. Much of what can become permanent problems in adulthood can still be corrected or straightened in a child. Advice on career choices can prevent later illnesses. Surgical prevention is one of the main tasks of orthopaedic surgeons: Our aim is to identify diseases early enough and to treat them in such a way that surgery is not necessary ("conservative therapy"). Contact us and make an appointment with our orthopaedists at Villa Medica in Mödling!