Dear patients,

in order to save you the way to the surgery in these times, I am available for you by phone or email (!


The Corona pandemic means that the proportion of telemedical services (telephone consultations or via email, SMS and WhatsApp) in the work of our practice has increased significantly. I must therefore also charge a fee for these consultations from January 2021. You will receive a payment request for this, after receipt of the amount you will receive the invoice, which you can submit to your health insurance / your supplementary insurance.


Your pediatricians Villa Medica in Mödling

Dear patients, dear parents! 


The safety of you and your children is very important to us. In order to ensure that necessary examinations and vaccinations in the first year of life can nevertheless be carried out as promptly as possible at present, we request that you observe the following rules: 

1. please make sure that your child who is scheduled for a routine examination is not ill. If you need to have the sick child examined, please call us and we will schedule you for another appointment.

2. Under NO circumstances should you bring sick siblings to routine check-ups. If at all possible, please come with only one child (no healthy accompanying siblings either). 

3. in case of illness: Many things can also be clarified by phone (+43 2236 866 066) or by mail ( In this case there is now the possibility to submit fees charged for this to your health insurance and, if available, to your supplementary insurance. You will therefore be sent a fee note. 

Please come with only one sick child at a time. If a second child in your family needs an exam, please have a second caregiver come with you. 

5. please thoroughly disinfect YOUR HANDS and those of YOUR CHILD at the disinfectant dispenser provided in the Villa Medica reception area AND in my office.

6. please use a FFP2 mask in Villa Medica as well.


Hold your child in your arms if it is difficult for them to remain seated in the waiting area.

8. make sure that you and your child do not touch anything in the waiting room or the exam room.

9. while you are waiting, keep your child occupied with his or her own toys or a book from home, if possible, and do not share this with other children.


With kind regards
Your pediatrician Dr. Martin Radon


The Team

The doctors

Dr. Barbara Eibensteiner-Lerch

Dr. Verena Veits

Dr. Martin Radon

The assistants

Doris Schneider, DGKP

Barbara Scharf

Timea Schlitzer

To save you the trip to the office during these times, we are available by phone or email! You are welcome to contact us at A fee note issued for this can currently also be submitted for reimbursement to your health insurance!

To expedite the registration process, we ask that you fill out and sign the form below and return it to the Villa Medica reception desk at the time of your appointment (please note that each doctor has their own registration form!).

Registration Form

Our pediatric practice has the following specialties.

In addition to general pediatric and adolescent medicine, Dr. Radon has the following specializations: Bronchial asthma (from about school age, a small test is performed to check the lung function), psychosomatic complaints, counseling during difficult developmental phases (for example, eight-month fears, defiant age, puberty), as well as soft laser treatments for nursing mothers' sore nipples, middle ear infections, pharyngitis or scars.

Office hours

The following examinations are performed in our clinic

In our office we perform mother-child passport examinations, also hip ultrasound for infants as part of MKP examinations, vaccinations and vaccination counseling, care for home births and outpatient deliveries, developmental diagnostics, the care of children with special needs, psychosomatic complaints in children and adolescents, lung function testing and ECG. We can also provide urinalysis and various blood tests in our in-house laboratory. Ear piercing with medical ear plugs is also available.

Your pediatrician is there for you

Dr. Radon, together with his assistants, as trained IBCLC breastfeeding counselors, is available to provide advice and support to all mothers who wish to breastfeed. Even if there are reasons not to exclusively breastfeed or not to breastfeed at all, we will advise you on the optimal care for your child. Dr. Radon is happy to be your contact person for all matters concerning your child's health at Villa Medica in Mödling. Home visits are also possible.