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Please come to your examination with a mouth-nose protection mask. 

Our doctors can also be reached by phone, email or in the context of a video consultation - more detailed information can be found on the page of the respective specialist!

Your pediatrician Villa Medica in Mödling: Dr. Martin Radon

Our dedicated pediatrician Dr. Radon sees himself as an advocate for your children - so you can be sure that your little ones are in good hands with him. The pediatric practice is run as a baby friendly ordination according to the "baby friendly hospital" initiative. This means that we attach great importance to breastfeeding, for example.

The doctor

Dr. Martin Radon

Our pediatrician is trained in psychosocial medicine, psychosomatic medicine and IBCLC. He is also a specialist in pediatrics and juvenile medicine. In addition to his pediatric practice at Villa Medica, he works as a doctor at the Lower Austrian Curative Education Centre in Hinterbrühl and as a mother's counselor at the Parent-Child Centre in Brunn am Gebirge and Biedermannsdorf.

Currently only appointment by phone.

Our paediatrician's practice has the following main fields of expertise

In addition to general pediatrics and youth medicine, Dr. Radon specializes in the following areas: Asthma bronchial (from about school age a small test is carried out to check the lung function), psychosomatic complaints, consultation in difficult developmental phases (for example eight-month fears, defiant age, puberty) as well as soft laser treatments for sore nipples of the nursing mother, middle ear infections, pharyngitis or scars.

Office hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00

Tuesday 08:00 - 15:00

Wednesday 11:00 - 19:00

Thursday Closed

Friday 08:00 - 15:00

Saturday Closed

The following examinations are carried out

We carry out mother-child-passport examinations, also hip ultrasound for infants within the scope of MKP examinations, vaccinations and vaccination advice, care for home births and outpatient deliveries, development diagnostics, care for children with special needs, psychosomatic complaints in children and adolescents, examination of lung function and ECG. In addition, we can have urine tests and various blood tests carried out in our in-house laboratory. Ear piercing with medical ear studs is also possible.

Your pediatrician is there for you

Together with his assistants, Dr. Radon is a trained IBCLC breastfeeding counselor who supports all mothers who wish to breastfeed. Even if there are reasons not to breastfeed exclusively or not at all, we advise you on the optimal care for your child. Dr. Radon will be happy to assist you as your child's health contact at Villa Medica in Mödling. Home visits are also possible.