Physiotherapy the Villa Medica in Mödling


Misuse in everyday life, trauma, stress lead to changes in body structures. Our musculo-skeletal system can no longer be used optimally, in the worst case pain and restrictions arise in everyday life. Our physiotherapists are happy to support you, both in the preventive area and in the healing process - so that you will soon feel fit again!

The physiotherapist

Thomas Zahradnik, BSc 

Physiotherapist, personal trainer,
currently in master studies to become a sports physiotherapist


"Life consists in movement" - Aristotle.

Physiotherapy is for me a tool that I want to give to patients to help themselves.
Therefore, the main focus of my therapy sessions is active movement and training therapy. 


- active rehabilitation
- sports physiotherapy
- preventive physiotherapy
- personal training
- training control / training supervision


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The focus of our physiotherapists

In our office for physiotherapy we pursue different focuses. These include orthopedics, trauma surgery, internal medicine, pulmonology, pediatrics, sports medicine, neurology, uro-procto-gynecology and obstetrics, geriatrics, occupational medicine, and psychiatry and psychosomatics. Our therapists will be happy to provide you with more information during a personal consultation.

Physiotherapy is work with movemen

The aim of physiotherapy is to prevent functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system and to restore and maintain natural mobility and freedom from pain. Taking into account the needs of the patient, physiotherapeutic treatment promotes the patient's own activity, perception and responsible use of his or her own body. Physiotherapeutic treatment includes many different concepts. Contact Villa Medica and make an appointment for a physiotherapy treatment individually designed for you.