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Please come to your examination with a mouth-nose protection mask. 

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Physiotherapy the Villa Medica in Mödling

Misuse in everyday life, trauma, stress lead to changes in body structures. Our musculo-skeletal system can no longer be used optimally, in the worst case pain and restrictions arise in everyday life. Our physiotherapists are happy to support you, both in the preventive area and in the healing process - so that you will soon feel fit again!

The physiotherapists

Kathrin Wiesmüller

Physiotherapist, ESP sports physiotherapist, osteopath in training

I am enthusiastically active in the orthopaedic field - everything started in 2003 with physiotherapy, gradually many new areas have entered my life with additional training and have formed into a holistic treatment spectrum.

Thomas Zahradnik, BSc 

More information to follow.

Julia Fischer

Julia Fischer 


The main focus of our physiotherapists

The aim of physiotherapy is to avoid functional disorders of the movement system and to restore and maintain natural mobility and freedom from pain. Taking into account the needs of the patient, the physiotherapeutic treatment promotes the patient's own activity, perception and responsible handling of their own body. The physiotherapeutic treatment includes many different concepts. Contact Villa Medica and make an appointment for an individual physiotherapy.

Individual treatment

Paul Karner, BSc focuses on preventive and classical physiotherapy, movement theory, medical training therapy, manual therapy, medical flossing and healing massages. Kathrin Wiesmüller is a physiotherapist, ESP sports physiotherapist and osteopath in training. Thanks to a large number of additional training courses, she is your suitable contact person in many areas. Sophie Horvath carries out detailed movement analyses and a holistic differential diagnosis, which are carried out in the first therapy unit. In the course of her work she has gained a great deal of knowledge in the fields of anatomy, neurophysiology, motor learning and manual therapy.