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Massage is one of the oldest remedies that exist. It relieves pain, increases the quality of life and is optimal as a preventive measure for all the ailments that everyday life brings. Massage not only relieves muscle tension and cramps, it also stimulates blood circulation, promotes metabolism and reduces the release of stress hormones. This therapy is also particularly important as an accompanying treatment after surgical procedures or injuries. Make an appointment for your healing massage in Mödling!

The masseur

Christoph Schekulin

I completed my training as a medical masseur and then as a healing masseur at the Manus Massage Academy. Since then, it gives me great pleasure to help people and accompany them on the path of their rehabilitation. Since I am very active in sports myself, I have also completed training as a sports masseur at the Federal Sports Center Südstadt. Through regular training, I am constantly expanding my range of treatments and can therefore provide you with the best possible quality of treatment.
My goal is to create an individual therapy plan together with you and to focus on your well-being.

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The focus of our curative massages

We offer curative massages, lymphatic drainage and complex decongestive therapy, acupuncture massages, trigger point therapies and segmental massages. Healing massage is used to relieve tension, hardening and diseases of the musculature. It stimulates blood circulation, regulates muscle tone and has a positive effect on the well-being of the body. This technique is also suitable as a preventive measure against all kinds of musculoskeletal disorders. Lymphatic drainage is a pleasant and relaxing edema and decongestion therapy. It is used especially after operations, it can also be used for headaches or for drainage.

Other massages in Villa Medica

Acupuncture massage positively influences the energy flow within the meridian system. Through pressure it comes to a regulation of the energy balance. The areas of application range from various types of pain, muscle tension to problems of the spine. Trigger point therapy focuses on trigger points. These are hypersensitive points in a tense bundle of muscle fibers. The goal is to release the hardening through therapy, to stimulate blood flow in the muscle again and to relax it. Segmental massages belong to reflex zone massages. It makes use of the existing interrelationships between the stratifications of the body wall and the internal organs.

How does a massage work?

Muscles always have a certain basic tension. Tension is understood to be a persistent tension of individual or entire muscle groups above the normal level of tension. The cause is very often incorrect posture, heavy or one-sided carrying and/or stress. Acute relief from normal tension is usually best provided by massages and heat treatments such as fango, sauna or a hot bath. Longer-term effects are promised by targeted strength training to strengthen the affected muscle areas. If your massage is prescribed by your doctor, you can submit the bill you receive from us to your health insurance company. We look forward to your appointment with our therapeutic masseur Christoph Schekulin!

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