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Our doctor will be happy to answer all your gynecological questions at Villa Medica. Dr. Ilona Rost has many years of experience and treats her patients with great empathy. She takes a lot of time for a detailed consultation and examination. Make an appointment with us in Mödling!

The doctor

Dr. Mateja Condic, MBA

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Dr. Mateja Condic offers the following services: Preventive examinations including cancer smear, ultrasound and palpation of the breast. You will receive detailed advice from me on contraception, menopausal problems and osteoporosis. I will also be happy to advise you in the areas of fertility, hormone treatments and incontinence.

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Routine examination: 

  • Examination of the external pubic area using a colposcope ( = special microscope).
  • Examination of the vagina
  • Taking of the cancer smear (=PAP)
  • Examination of secretion, if necessary taking a secretion culture
  • Palpation
  • Ultrasound (through the vagina)
  • Breast examination
  • Urinalysis or blood test if required
  • If required, referral for imaging diagnostics

I also offer special consultation hours for this purpose:

  • Dysplasia consultation:
    • Guideline-based diagnostics and therapy for changes in the pubic area or at the cervix
    • Examination for HPV (= human papilloma virus)
    • Colposcopy and sampling of suspicious areas for histological clarification
    • Therapy depending on histological findings (local therapy, surgical treatment)
  • Breast consultation: in the future, there will be a separate breast consultation for therapy planning and aftercare for breast cancer
  • Vaccination consultation: e.g. HPV vaccination, vaccination titer determination and vaccination consultations
    especially during pregnancy

The focus of our gynecologist

I am happy to offer my patients a girls' consultation, during which I take plenty of time for a personal consultation. Preventive examinations and individual consultations on a wide variety of topics - from contraception to the desire to have children - are a matter of course for me. I also perform hormone treatments and oncological prevention and therapy as needed. Furthermore, I insert IUDs, also under anesthesia if desired, and fallopian tube X-rays can also be performed. X-rays are done at the diagnostic center in Mödling, but are performed by our doctor.

I am also there for you if you wish to have children

I will advise you and clarify your previously unfulfilled desire to have a child. I discuss preliminary findings of both partners. I will be happy to inform you about the conditions of the Ivf Fund. I also cooperate with the Tiny Feet Institute, which you can find at Contact our gynecologist and make an appointment with us at Villa Medica in Mödling!

NEW: Private health insurance

The private health insurance offers special conditions for Villa Medica patients.
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You will receive an individual offer tailored to your very special needs on the very next working day.